Busy Busy Day


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Now that I am out of self-imposed isolation, I have a ton of things to do! I am back up to posting on Noah’s blog which you will find the link to at the top of my page. We recently celebrated his first birthday with my family in Nashville. We had a great party with lots of family and friends though we have yet to celebrate his traditional Korean birthday. We’ll be doing that later on this month as I have to figure out the guest list, food and order Noah’s Korean outfit. There are two places here in Atlanta that I’ve found where I can buy Noah’s hanbok since I don’t want to wait to have it made and shipped from Korea.

There’s Hanbok Nara 3246 Buford Highway Duluth, GA 30096 (404) 644-6082 Website: http://www.hanbok-nara.com/DSC_0047

All of their hanboks are made to order and they don’t rent them. There was a lady there who spoke a little English so I was able to talk to her a bit. When Minsung called they told him it would be around $100-150 for a hanbok for Noah.

Then there’s 혼수타운 (Hons Town) 2550 Pleasant Hill Rd. #104 Duluth, GA 30096 (678) 205-1234DSC_0041

They also make there’s to order but unfortunately they don’t have a website and I couldn’t find anyone who spoke English. Minsung called and they also priced a hanbok for Noah between $100-150.

Because they make their hanboks custom I’m glad I didn’t get it last year as he had a bit of a growth spurt and is now wearing 18-24month clothing instead of 12month and his measurements have of course changed. We’ll be going next week to get Noah fitted so we can hopefully have his ready in the next few weeks.

School for me is back in session starting yesterday. Thanks to doubling up on classes last summer, I will be graduating from GSU a semester early! Last semester didn’t totally kill my GPA though it did bring it down some, so I will be putting Noah in daycare twice a week so I can spend most of the day in the library studying. Thankfully a girlfriend of mine has a condo near campus where I can park my car and walk since campus parking sucks on a good day. I’ve toyed with what I want to do for my PhD but I haven’t settled on anything yet and I think I will wait until Noah is in school. I always wanted to get my PhD before I turned 30, but I think having two Masters degrees is doing pretty good. Not many people are able to get even one so I’ll just continue to be thankful for what I’ve been able to do. I’ve been trying to narrow down my thesis since I have roughly 6 months before I have to defend it. I have a few professors who have volunteered to help me with it so I am  meeting with my advisor today to get things cemented in.

Marriage wise, things are going…day by day I suppose you could say. There have been some hiccups as far as communication, but we’re still working at it. Minsung is working on being more understanding and I’m working on actually talking about my feelings rather than keeping them inside until I explode.

Today I decided to take Noah to the park after finishing up a meeting with my advisor. It was the first time he had really been able to enjoy the park as he is just now walking. DSC_0006I didn’t let him walk around on his own as he still thinks everything (including the ground) belongs in his mouth, but we did see some other kids and watched a train go by. DSC_0018

We even met a new friend! DSC_0024

Now we’re back home for lunch, a nap and watching reruns of Criminal Minds before it’s time to head to the gym. DSC_0009

Hope everyone is having a great day!

A New Year, A New Me



Hello hello! I know, it has been a long time since I posted anything here and if you notice, all of my other posts have disappeared. To be honest, I thought about shutting this blog down. I had a very rough end to 2013, and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I would ever come back. However, I thought about this blog constantly and the people who I have interacted with thanks to it and I knew I would eventually come back. I missed posting about my day to day happenings. I missed posting on my other blog to show how Noah has grown from an infant to a toddler, full of independence, curiosity and the desire to make mama pull her hair out. 

So I’m sure some of you are wondering why I was gone. Well, let me just say that marriage is hard. And when you marry someone from another culture, certain things may compound the problem. Then you add a new baby, stretched finances, lack of time and energy to the mix and what you get is a separation. Minsung and I separated in early October and I decided that I needed to leave in order to get some perspective for myself and decide whether I wanted to stay in this marriage or whether I wanted to cut my losses and go. Physically, emotionally, mentally…all the -ly(s), Minsung and I had never been so far apart before. Things were done by him and said by me that threatened to rip us apart permanently. Yet, here I am reporting that we are still together and fighting to get back to the happy couple we once were. 

I am not back to 100%. I still suffer from the lingering effects of post-partum depression. For a few weeks it was hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning. Noah would wake up and I would lay on the couch or the floor until my mom returned home from work. I found myself driving aimlessly praying for a sign for what to do. After being apart for a month, Minsung and I talked and decided to fight for our marriage, and so Noah and I returned home. I am currently looking for a job and working to salvage my grades for my masters program. Noah is continuing to flourish, though we have moved into the separation anxiety phase which is not fun in the least bit. 

I am working on reclaiming my identity, losing the baby weight which crept back up thanks to the craziness of the past few months and finding a job that I can feel at least partly proud of. This blog will still discuss what life is like being an African-American woman married to a Korean man, but it will also be expanded to include the fun I’ve been having with losing weight, growing my natural hair out and any other tidbits I find entertaining. I hope that I haven’t lost all of my audience in my absence and I look forward to catching up with everyone.